Remix Interactive 2 – An Immersive Audience Experience

tumblr_static_screen_shot_2014-03-18_at_10.27.45_amWord came through this week that our proposal for a second Remix Interactive piece was approved for performance at the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia this June. I am excited to work with fellow Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and master of interactive technologies, Dr. Youngmoo Kim from the Drexel ExCITE Center a second time.  After the last performance, we discussed ways to create a multimedia event that is not tethered to music and video playback files.  If you look back a few posts, this is a problem I have been wrestling with for some time.

This past summer, Dr. Kim devised a way to give cues to audience members in real time in a performance at our ADE Institute in San Diego.  In addition, we discussed expanding the audience use of an app for an interactive light show to include ways to contribute to the musical performance.  When we were discussing the possibilities for this, a student who overheard our conversation went into brainstorm mode.  She was so excited about the possibilities!

We are also adding the use of Abelton Live to the mix of real time performance tools so students can Remix their work and then perform it live with the singers and musicians.  I will need to teach the composition of this work differently with this tool and I am looking forward to hearing the difference in the student work.  We will assemble a large choir through partnerships with many local schools to present a united Philadelphia to a possible audience of 1000!

Keep an eye on our Tumblr site for updates!

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