Creativity and personalized learning-ISTE themes

Sir Ken Robinson started off the ISTE 2012 conference with two questions:

  • What does it take to personalize learning?
  • What are the roles of new technology?

While his inquiry didn’t get far with the members of the panel, he was able to emphasize the importance of student choice and passion based learning as being central to personalized learning. On Tuesday, Karen Cator (insert idol sound effect here) from the Department of Education defined personalized learning as:

  • Personalized learning=individualized,differentiated, interest,experience, preference

She talked of individualizing assessment and reform of standardized testing.

As an international spokesperson for creativity, he took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of the Arts in schools as essential to building creative abilities.

In his Keynote titled “Global, Creative and Entrepreneurial” on Tuesday, Dr. Yong Zhao defined Entrepreneurial as “someone who comes up with creative solutions.”  While we all laughed when he asserted that it is because the US is so poor at educating our youth that we breed Entrepreneurs, I heard a lot of grumbling as we got up to leave.   The most important part of his very entertaining speech was when he said that we have become product driven and that we need to change our emphasis to become makers and creators.  He ended by saying that we need to help every individual child maximize their abilities.

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