Mining old books

My sister Esther is a writer, bookseller and has a deep love of books for all their possibilities.  We were discussing how old books are being mined for their illustrations since the digital representation of illustrations are shortchanged in the publishing of new books. She also told me that many people are taking old covers of books and creating journals since these old covers never fall apart.  Most interesting was her story about how a friend of hers takes old books and creates her journal by crossing out words she doesn’t want to use.  She tells me that she often sees this person in the cafe hunched over a bunch of old books with a highlighter pen.  What a fantastic idea!  I was thinking that if I were to do this with old scores, I would be limited by the composer’s conventions.  I could create something out of Bach but Beethoven…?  This idea has my mind racing.

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Composer/New Media Designer/Educator
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